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The Konani Long Tank Sundress

in 100% Rayon Cream

Dramatic huge hibiscus pattern drapes down the body in this elegant tropical statement. Large panel print pattern set against an light cream fabric.


The dress is bra-friendly, has a back zipper and a side slit at the left hip. This make the dress comfortable in warm weather, makes it easier to walk and allow for peek-a-boo charm.


Made in Honolulu.

Retail... $101.00,
Our Price... $80.00
(Shipping = $9.00 for the first item, $5.00 each additional)



Hibiscus is the centerpiece of any floral garden, often growing flowers to the size of a dinner plate. Hibiscus is also a primary ingredient in beverages such as tea, and is a common ingredient in perfumes. The hibiscus grows almost everywhere in Hawaii and is a local standard.


This sundress is great for family and friend casual get togethers!


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