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Sundress Shipping Information

Common Practice : As a rule of thumb, dresses hit the mailbox in Hawaii the next business day and then arrive in California in two days later. Thereafter, the delivery time is however long it takes the US Mail to reach your location from California.


Official Info : Orders are shipped according to the practices of the suppliers. Orders are processed within 48 hours and will arrive within 10 business days or less (although often much sooner and excepting natural causes such as huge blizzards and normal holiday delays).


The dresses are sent directly from the warehouses and seamstresses to you! (These suppliers only sell in bulk, and thus our low prices!).


Again, orders are sent within 2 business days, and depending upon location, will arrive at your door within an additional ten business days. More often, though, they will arrive much sooner. It takes a little longer than in the lower 48 states, even with air, as almost everything for the entire state of Hawaii comes and goes by USPS these days.


Should you find that your sundress is not arriving promptly, please contact us immediately. Delays are almost universally caused by the warehouse/seamstress being out of a particular size, color, or fabric. We can't be upset at them, they are often under tremendous time constraints, but they still rarely forget to notify us of being out. In these cases we can send an alternative or offer a refund.... inventories can change in a day, so order as soon as you know you are interested in a particular dress!





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