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Sundress Returns

sundress returns

We make every effort to avoid returns, but we understand that sometimes things just don't work out. You checked the sizing chart before placing your order, or you lost weight. You look terrific, but the dress doesn't fit like you hoped.


Don't worry. We have conditions, but we can and will take care of you. We want you to come back and be a customer again and again.

1) The first step is to contact us. If for any reason you wish to return a sundress, contact us. You may use the form below.


Never, repeat... NEVER simply send an item back.


Why #1? These beautiful sundresses are sent factory direct. We need to be sure that it is going back to the correct factory. Please do not send any item to our business offices in Waxhaw, North Carolina, there is no storage here AND you will be charged for further shipping necessary to get it back where it needs to go... which you would have known if you had contacted us before shipment.

Why #2? The people in the warehouse(s) are extremely busy getting orders out, and do not have the ability to log into a computer in someone else's office to look your personal order up. Without prior warning, there is a good chance that no one will know that the dress returned goes with your credit card.


Why #3? If a dress is returned without notice AND we are able to associate it with you anyway, you will be charged the highest restocking fee which is 25%.


It is not alot to ask. Contact us before sending back a dress. Know where to send it.


- - -

NEW : We no longer give returns, refunds or exchanges on the basis of a dress being the 'wrong' color, with an obvioius exception. For example, if you purchase a red dress and want to return it because it is the 'wrong' red, it remains your red dress. Do NOT send it back. Computer screens vary from one manufacturer to another and there is no earthly way for us to make an exact color on your personal computer. Colors are there for example only.


The obvious exception is if you order that red dress, and we send you a blue one. If we send a really wrong color, we will make that type of error right at our expense with many apologies.

- - -

FREE Shipping Returns : If you placed an order that did not charge for shipping, and return the item(s), the shipping cost will be deducted from your refund. Free shipping applies only for outbound orders, not returns!


It has recently come to our attention that some people have been placing larger orders with the specific intent of returning items to take advantage of free bulk shipping rates. This will no longer be tolerated. Sorry, scammers!

- - -


Please see our policy page for information on refunds.


If an item is defective or we sent you the wrong item, we will make it right at our expense. You still have to notify us and receive instructions.


A golden rule for keeping prices low : shipping is nonrefundable. The postman does not give us refunds either.


For the following section, all I can say is that our customers are well grounded, reasonable grownups. Mahalo! But once or twice a year, there will be an onion amidst the apples.



  • Items must be unworn. We are not in the used dress business.
  • If it smells like tobacco, perfume or body odor, it is a used dress.
  • If it has stains on it, it is a used dress.
  • If you wore it to the party, the wedding, the girls night out or whatever, it is a used dress.
  • Returned items must have original tags.
  • Returns for exchange must include a check to cover return shipping. This will be in the return instructions sent to you at the time you notify us of your desire to return a dress. Please don't act like you forgot to include it, because if you read the address then you read the rest. And we really don't like bugging you for money.
  • A used dress will be sent right back to you.
  • A chargeback will be sent to our friendly collections agency (be sure to tell Big Bill 'Hello').
  • Customers are expected to pay shipping at all times and for all things except for defective items or items improperly shipped.



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