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Long Tank Sundress

The Paradise Lei Long Tank Sundress

in 100% Cotton Yellow

This is one of the boldest, most eye-catching dresses we sell. The huge print drapes down the side like a sash on a high level diplomat back in the day. Huge tailflower, palm leaves and orchids make a boquet you can wear.


Features two nineteen inch side slits at the bottom and at the sides so walking is safe and easy. Made by Kys Apparel of Honolulu.

Retail... $88.00,
Our Price... $65.00
(Shipping = $9.00 for the first item, $5.00 each additional)


Size Bust Waist Hip Length
Small 32-33 31-32 37-38 50-51
Medium 34-35 33-34 39-40 51-52
Large 36-37 35-36 41-42 52-53
X-Large 38-39 37-38 43-45 53-54
2X-Large 40-41 39-40 46-47 54-55
Sizes are garment measurements, not body
measurements. Allow some room to move!

According to the Hawaiian legends, man-eating spirits occupied the island before that time. For generations, Maui chiefs believed in these man-eating spirits. Differing legends say that either the prophet Lanikāula drove the spirits from the island or the unruly Maui prince Kauluāʻau accomplished that heroic feat. The more popular myth is that the mischievous Kauluāʻau pulled up every breadfruit tree he could find on Maui. Finally his father, Kakaʻalaneo had to banish him to Lānaʻi, expecting him not to survive in that hostile place. However Kauluāʻau outwitted the spirits and drove them from the island.



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