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halter top sundress

The Kona Sunflower Tube Top Knee Length Sundress

in 85% Nylon/15% Lycra Brown

A huge print, which is very much in fashion. Features a bright brilliant sylized flower in reds and oranges against a similar pattern in brown and white. Elastic top fits snugly and holds securely, featuring stretchable durable lycra right into the entire dress.


One size fits most but is sold as a small/medium. There are no spaghetti straps, this is a true tube top dress.


Tailored to fall just below the knee. Made by Kys of Honolulu and ships US Mail from Hawaii.

Retail... $45.00,
Our Price... $30.00
(Shipping = $9.00 for the first item, $5.00 each additional)




In the Hawaiian language, kona means leeward or dry side of the island, as opposed to ko‘olau which means windward or the wet side of the island. In the times of Ancient Hawaiʻi, Kona was the name of the leeward district on each major island. In Hawai‘i, the Pacific anticyclone provides moist prevailing northeasterly winds to the Hawaiian islands, resulting in rain when the winds contact the windward landmass of the islands - the winds subsequently lose their moisture and travel on to the leeward (or kona) side of the island.


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