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halter top sundress

The Areca Palms Tube Top Ankle Length Sundress

in 100% Green Rayon


The areca palm is grown widely throughout polynesia, including Hawaii. Their nuts provide oil used in cooking and suntan lotion and their nuts can be eaten raw or roasted. Long cut 45", without ruffles. Ties over the shoulder or wear without straps if desired.


Palm leaves are so big they almost provide shade! Elastic top holds securely and safely, the shoulder straps add extra security.


One size fits most. Tailored to fall above the ankle. Hawaiian. Made by Kys of Honolulu and ships US Mail from Hawaii.

Retail... $59.00,
Our Price... $49.00
(Shipping = $9.00 for the first item, $5.00 each additional)



Areca is a genus of about 50 species of palms in the family Arecaceae, found in humid tropical forests from China and India, across the Malay Archipelago, to the Solomon Islands. The generic name Areca is derived from a name used locally on the Malabar Coast of India.


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