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Sundress Fabrics

Sundresses Fabrics

Rayon : One of the most misunderstood of the fabrics is rayon. Rayon is not plastic, nor is it truly artificial, rayon is spun from the cellulose that occurs naturally in every plant. Many fabrics undergo some kind of modification in order to make them into cloth, and rayon itself was first made from corn.


Rayon is breatheable, holds colors better than cotton, is inexpensive to manufacturer, is durable and is cool in hot weather. It has been the choice fabric of designers for generations.


Poly : The leisure suit is dead and buried! But even after all this time artificial fabrics are greatly maligned, so much so that manufacturers no longer use the chemical name for their polyester fabrics, but trade names like Spandex and Lycra.


If modern polyester is so uncomfortable, then why is it used in swimsuits, atheletic apparel, swimsuits, diapers, lingerie... and underwear? Even your favorite shirt or dress may be a blend.


Todays polys are used in atheletic wear for their ability to wick away moisture better than cotton, in intimate apparel for their comfort against the skin, and in both summer and winter wear for its thermal abilities.


There is even an artificial silk now, which is very hard to find but is offered here under the trade name "Likre".


Likre : A proprietary articial silk, presently licensed for manufacture only by a single factory.


Cotton : Known for its comfort, ability to be ironed and it inexpensive pricing, cotton has been the marketing darling of the industrialized world for almost 200 years. Cotton does something that few other fabrics other than linen do, it becomes more comfortable with wear.

Linen : Linens can be made from almost any fiberous plant. Common linens are made from flax, but can be made from bamboo, rattan, sisal and hemp. Linens can be bleached to a blinding white and when ironed take a very crisp edge.


Hemp : A linen that is gaining popularity for its tremendous durability and extreme ease of cultivation.


Silk : Traditionally silk is made from the coccoons of the Mulberry silkworm, but other entries are becoming possible. Silk is prized for its comfort in wear being both cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Silk tends to be a little more expensive, and the market for most commercial silk is under heavy control by China, the major producer.


Wool : Very rarely will a sundress be of wool.


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