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The Solar Flare And Sunbursts Orange Slip Dress

in 100% LIkre in Orange
Solar flares burn across the front of this bright happy orange dress in bold diagonal stripes. Brilliant yellow sunbursts punctuate the heat. Features comfortable adjustable shoulder straps and one size fits most.


Likre is a slinky, comfortable artificial silk made only in a single factory in India.

Retail... $45.00,
Our Price... $35.00
(Shipping = $9.00 first item, $5.00 each add)


One Size Up to 42 41
Wash by hand in cold water. Mild
soap, no bleach, line dry. Do not iron.


The largest solar flare was called the "Carrington Event" in 1859. The flare was so large that it was visible to a naked-eye, and produced stunning auroras down to tropical latitudes such as Cuba and Hawaii. It set telegraph systems of the day on fire.

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