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Article : Men Prefer Sundresses Over Other Apparel : In a recent study of what men aged 16 to 70 find sexy on a woman, a whopping 43% were attracted to a woman in a sundress! Only 30% liked the jeans look and a measly 24% preferred a formal dress! Men are attracted to the wholesomeness, playfullness and unpretentiousness of a sundress... MORE

Article : Hawaii Comback : Sure there were layoffs, and 40% occupancy rates in Waikiki, but people can only stand to be cooped up in the snow for so long. Except for Maui, of course, which had a visitor growth rate of 5%. Continental will be flying four weekly flights out of John Wayne airport to Maui (going to daily this summer) and daily service to Honolulu... MORE

Article : 1970s Sundresses : The 1970s brought with it a fashion revolution. Feminist fashion allowed women to select how they felt like dressing each day, even if it varied from day to day. Short skirts, maxi dresses, midi skirts, hot pants, trousers, and sundresses reflected the designers who were searching for inspiration.... MORE

Article : The Origin Of Sundresses : Sundresses made their way onto the fashion scene in 1956 with the first construction of red, blue, and yellow colors, plaid cotton, and an A-line design produced by American designer Claire McCardell not but two years before she passed. Known for working with ready-to-wear clothes, Claire McCardell designed clothing which was affordable, functional, and stylish... MORE

Article : Sundress Designers And Styles : Sundresses revolutionized women’s clothing during the middle of the 1950s when they were first produced. Since then, they have continued to modify as each decade has added or detracted from the basic stylistic components of the sundresses. The number of available sundresses from different designers is endless.... MORE


Article : Sex And The Sundress : The "Little Black Dress" has been the power house and work horse of every woman's wardrobe since white fell from fashion in the 1940s. A class reunion where one wants to give the impression of both success and happiness? Wear the little black dress. Meeting with the Ex and sending the message of having moved on and happy... MORE

Article : Timeless Appeal Of The Humble Sundress : If there is one style of dress that has made a lasting mark on the fashion scene and held its popularity year after year, it’s the sundress! The sundress is a wardrobe classic that never goes out of fashion. These popular dresses first arrived on the scene back during the 1940s when styles were becoming bolder and a lot barer.... MORE


Article : Enjoy The Warm Summer Days In A Sundress : If you’re looking for a dress style that will look great and keep you cool as a cucumber during the hot days of summer, then a sundress is the perfect choice!

Sundresses live up to their name in that they let you stay cool, while still baring enough skin that you can catch some rays and get a nice suntan for a healthy glow. There are many variations of the basic sundress... MORE


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