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Article: Sundress Designers And Styles


Sundresses revolutionized women’s clothing during the middle of the 1950s when they were first produced. Since then, they have continued to modify as each decade has added or detracted from the basic stylistic components of the sundresses. The number of available sundresses from different designers is endless.

Sundresses which epitomize the name are available in bright yellow as the shining sun dress. There is the LA Made Betsy sundress, ruffled sundresses, as well as V-neck lattice sundresses. There is a toile inspired sundress, a knit maxi-length dress, a V-neck multi seam sundress, a pyramid collection solstice sundress, and a polka dot sundress.


Other sundresses include the plaid sundress, the white floral-print sundress, a belted sundress, or a leaf print sundress. There are blue smocked plaid cocktail sundresses for fancier occasions, as well as V-neck racer back sundresses for the hot summer days.


Palm tree sundresses, Jersey sundresses, and white ruffled sundresses fit any event. A pink bow sun dress is best for fun birthday parties while the dress bottoms sun dress and the blue lagoon batik sundress fit beach time activities.

There are embroidered dresses, border print dresses, and water color floral dresses, double strap empire loose dresses, Batik print dresses, crinkle cotton, Grosgrain strap, and white coral sleeveless floral wrap sundresses.


Embellished dresses, sleeveless floral dresses, patchwork dresses, and crochet and embroidered dresses are elegant and fun. For a sense of flair, there are designs which include the patchwork panel dress, the flower border multi print dress, and the fuchsia sleeveless floral cocktail dress.


Brand names have produced the mint green black embroidered dress, the short-sleeved smocked top dress, the lacy crocheted dress, and the gap cotton dress. Women and child alike can enjoy blue and purple true love dresses or white boho sleeveless smocked cocktail dresses.

Other great dresses, stealing design accessories and cuts from different decades include the white smocked botanical sundress, tiered sundresses, geometric print dresses, mango frill dresses, lace trim printed sundresses, fuchsia crocheted drop waist cocktail dresses, and tiered floral sundresses. There are flounced dresses, floral lace empire dresses, tie waist V-neck dresses, sherbet dresses, orange smocked floral cocktail dresses, and green sleeveless floral cocktail dresses.


Other sundress designs for women and girls include a coral metallic striped cocktail dress, a patchwork dress, a mango ditsy dress, a honey-punched lime smocked stripe strapless dress, a pink smocked eyelet cocktail sun dress, and the framed cluster dot dress.

Fashion designers have added their personal flair to the original sundress design with the ivory purple royalty tattoo print dress, the black knit draped mini halter dress, and the grey metallic striped cocktail dress.


There are neck poppy flower designs, flower border multi print patters, and leaf print patterns. For more exotic locations there are blue Caribbean fever halter dresses. Women’s cross front dresses, print dresses, as well as lace embroidered dresses make the perfect summer getaway attire.

Women can make year round fashion statements with the ditsy printed strapless dresses, sunflower tribal print dresses, and coral hidden treasure beach sundresses. Taking after the 1970s there are denim multimedia sleeveless dresses, magenta and black tropical paradise strapless dresses, watercolor secret garden dresses, and a mango frilled button front dress with a lace trim.


Also popular are black satin polka dot dresses, multi rainbow dresses, olive print detailed dresses, a shirred beatnik strip dress, and a red jersey knit mini cocktail sundress. Black ruched min floral prints and prink tiered floral prints are perfect for cocktail dresses.

No matter the year, timeless pieces include the coral butterfly halter dress, a frill drop waist dress, a patchwork dress, grey beaded racer back design, and a rhinestone crocheted design. Accenting the natural curves of a woman’s body, sundresses include knitted halters with a belt, a panel dress, and a knitted empire sublimation dress. Floral chiffon or dresses which incorporate a bow in front capitalize upon the many subsidiaries of the sundress fashion design.


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