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Article: Sex And The Sundress


The "Little Black Dress" has been the power house and work horse of every woman's wardrobe since white fell from fashion in the 1940s.


A class reunion where one wants to give the impression of both success and happiness? Wear the little black dress.


Meeting with the Ex and sending the message of having moved on and happy? A little black dress looks great.


A job interview? The little black dress to the rescue. So exactly how does the little black dress work, and what is it?


It's a sundress.


A sundress accentuates exactly what you want it to (along with some things you did not know you wanted accentuated) and de-accentuates what you would rather downplay.


Calves : A shapely leg as turned many a man's head throughout history. In fact, in some parts of history a glimpse of calf was considered indecent!


In some renaissance full-length portraits, you may have noticed that the subject had turned one foot so that the foot was pointing off to one side. What the subject was doing was showing off his calf and letting any and all know that this was a person of verility.


A sundress hides the upper legs with pleats or patterns, leaving the attractive calves for the world to see.


Waist : The cinch at the waist, either sewn in or belted, provides a more hourglass shape to the figure. Even on plus size ladies, the effect is flattering.


Bust : Even in sleeved dresses, the lines coming from the shoulder create two inverted "V"s that draw the eye slightly downward to accentuate the bust. The overall effect of this part of the sundress is to make the bust larger and more proportioned than it already is.


A study by the University of Wellington in New Zealand and concluded in September of 2009 used digital tracking to trace where a man looks at a woman and for how long. The study found that 47 percent of all men look at a woman's breasts first and only 20 percent look at the face first. The study also found that bust size did not matter in drawing a man's gaze, only that they were there.


Shoulders : The smaller, rounded shoulders of women have been a sign of femininity since time began, especially when compared to the broad working shoulders of men.


Neck : A long neck speaks of youth and fertility, think of Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast At Tiffany's" with her tall, elegant and well postured presence. The neck in Asia is even left unadorned on the Geisha and referred to as "glamour spot on kimono". And a neck is a very nice place to plant a friendly (or romantic) kiss on a loved one.


The chest area, framed by the bust and shoulder line, presents a flat area that visually distances the head from itself... with the neck appearing longer.


And finally, the cotton industry did a study on what dresses most attract men to women. They found it was the sundress!


"Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor Historically, most men (34%) say a good-looking woman looks sexiest in a casual sundress, according to the Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor™ survey. And that sentiment only increases as men age, to the point where 42% of men aged 55-to-70 prefer a woman in a casual sundress over denim jeans or an elegant dinner dress."


The humble sundress. It speaks of openness, wholesomness and sensuality. It makes a women seem approachable without being overt. A woman in a sundress is perceived as being happier and friendlier. And it is the secret weapon in any woman's wardrobe.


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