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Article: Men Prefer Sundresses Over Other Apparel

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In a recent study of what men aged 16 to 70 find sexy on a woman, a whopping 43% were attracted to a woman in a sundress! Only 30% liked the jeans look and a measly 24% preferred a formal dress! Men are attracted to the wholesomeness, playfullness and unpretentiousness of a sundress, and are more likely to strike up a conversation. A good sundress has replaced the famous "little black dress" as a woman's favorite "secret weapon".

From the Cotton Inc dot com site:

"Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor Historically, most men (34%) say a good-looking woman looks sexiest in a casual sundress, according to the Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor™ survey. And that sentiment only increases as men age, to the point where 42% of men aged 55-to-70 prefer a woman in a casual sundress over denim jeans or an elegant dinner dress."


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