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Article: Hawaii Comeback

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Perhaps Hawaii is poised for a comeback, if it really ever left at all.


Sure there were layoffs, and 40% occupancy rates in Waikiki, but people can only stand to be cooped up in the snow for so long.


Except for Maui, of course, which had a visitor growth rate of 5%.


Continental will be flying four weekly flights out of John Wayne airport to Maui (going to daily this summer) and daily service to Honolulu.


One of the reasons I like this so much is that it is not departing from one of the megahubs.


They are congested as they are, and as a nation we need to develop more access to regional hubs.


I understand why, but do not agree with, the idea that I have to fly into Dulles rather than Hagerstown to see relatives in western Maryland.


And that if it is available, it is far to expensive.


Now if I could just get the whole of Continental Airlines to see the wisdom of outfitting their staff in Hawaiian shirts, we could all fly happy.


More good news, the whale count this year registered a little over a 20% increase in the number of humpback whales observed.


In news of the weird, the country that brought you knockoffs of everything now has a knockoff of Hawaii.


Hainan is the island south of the southernmost province of China, and from the article....


"...In the past two years, the Ritz-Carlton, Le Meridien, the Banyan Tree and the Mandarin Oriental have opened luxurious resorts here, joining the Sheraton, the Hilton and the Marriott, who unleashed the onslaught over the past six years. Anantara will open in early 2011"


And yes, complete with Hawaiian style clothing.


But one has to wonder how much Aloha will one find?

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