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Article: Enjoy The Warm Summer Days In A Sundress


If you’re looking for a dress style that will look great and keep you cool as a cucumber during the hot days of summer, then a sundress is the perfect choice!

Sundresses live up to their name in that they let you stay cool, while still baring enough skin that you can catch some rays and get a nice suntan for a healthy glow.

There are many variations of the basic sundress.


Some have full, gathered skirts and some are curve hugging sheath style, while others are loose and flowy. Regardless of your personal style preferences in dresses, you can be sure of finding something that suits you.


The same holds true for fabrics. If you favor crisp, classic cotton, not to worry, many of these popular summer dresses are made from 100% pure cotton.

Do you like the sensuous softness and the fluid drape of silk? No problem! Silk sundresses are hanging on racks in all of the major department stores.


Ditto for polyester knit, always a perennial favorite due to its easy maintenance and wrinkle free performance. Rayon has been a favorite fabric for sundresses since they first came on the fashion scene back in the 1940s, and continues to be a popular fabric for dresses today.

If you are thinking that you would prefer not to buy a sundress made from silk or Rayon due to the necessity of having it dry cleaned, that is often no longer the case as many silk and Rayon garments nowadays are washable.


Sundresses are also quite adaptable when it comes to a particular occasion.

In fact, there are very few occasions or events that would not be suitable for wearing one of these versatile dresses!


A sundress would be an ideal choice for attending a warm weather wedding, and a casual sundress lends itself especially well to a vacation. The same is true for a day out running errands or cocktails with friends.


Yet another facet of the ever popular sundress is the acceptable variation in lengths. Some are maxi, sweeping to the floor, while others are minis that end several inches above the knees.


Waltz length, knee length, any and every length works for sundresses.


As for colors and patterns, the sky is the limit! No matter what color you may have in mind, rest assured that you can find it in a sundress. These dresses come in a veritable rainbow of colors. Many feature bright and cheerful hues for summery days, but you can also find them in basic black or nautical navy.


The patterns and fabric design variations are almost endless. If stripes or polka dots are your thing, you can find a dress to suit you. You might prefer a tropical design, or Boho tie dyed, or a floral design. No matter what your taste in patterns and colors, there is a sundress out there for you!


You can find sundresses that are strapless, or with skinny spaghetti straps, halter tops that tie around the neck, or wide straps with little fluttery sleeves and more.

Bodices may be fitted or loose and unconstructed, smocked and stretchy or cutaway halter style. Many sundresses have cut-out or bare keyhole backs that make them every bit as enticing going as coming!


Your basic sundress can often serve double duty and segue right from a day running errands and shopping into a romantic dinner and cocktails, which may account for at least some of the reason females have adored this style of dress for almost three-quarters of a century!


Whether you want to look glam and sexy, casual and carefree, artsy and bohemian or sweetly feminine; you can count on finding a sundress that will fit your signature look and fashion statement!

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